1 Theoretical Framework for Leadership Preparation

1 Theoretical Framework for Leadership Preparation Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Course Instructor Date 2 Leadership as a Vocation People always wonder what becomes of a person to decide they can lead the others; they prefer to tell others what to do or what not to. It will be a very significant disaster if they question the fact that they decide to make rules. The truth is, leaders, don’t just become leaders. It is an internal force that draws them towards leading. In every perspective, leadership is a calling. According to David,” …Getting caught up in a dream can lead to as much harm as motivation can cause. Every deal there exist crumble at the end, analyzed due to a lack of truth. Failure to be transparent, the determination at all costs, unknown inexperience or weakness, misrepresentation, lies, or willful ignorance of what is true. Additionally, it is terrible to justify lies” (Hill, 2021). Leadership is something that an individual wants since the beginning. It is someone’s dream to lead the people. Leadership cannot be likened to anything like management. The skills required to lead are mainly from personality. One has to be born with it, or it has to be permanent characters that an individual uses to lead the rest. Qualities of a good leader include empathy, emotional intelligence, and integrity (“Why Management Is a Career and Leadership Is a Calling,” 2021). These are things that no one can be taught; rather, they can only be in someone from the very beginning. It is an internal force that draws them towards leading. In every perspective, leadership is a calling (Johnston, 2021). Organizations include quality, truth, honesty, trust, integrity, and any other skills a leader should have in their motor codes. This means that any person who has weighed themselves according to such scales should stand and lead the others. 3 References Hill, D. (2021). leadfollow.pdf. Docs.google.com. Retrieved 10 August 2021, from https://docs.google.com/viewer?url=http%3A%2F%2Fbusiness.baylor.edu%2Fhsb%2Fb br%2Fsp13%2Fpdfs%2Fleadfollow.pdf&embedded=true&chrome=false&dov=1. Johnston, P. (2021). Business and Organizational Leadership as a Vocation: A Renewed Approach to Business. Academia.edu. Retrieved 10 August 2021, from https://www.academia.edu/442933/Business_and_Organizational_Leadership_as_a_Voca tion_A_Renewed_Approach_to_Business. Why Management Is a Career and Leadership Is a Calling. The Balance Careers. (2021). Retrieved 10 August 2021, from https://www.thebalancecareers.com/from-manager-toleader-2275801. 4 Theoretical Framework for Leadership Preparation The Theoretical Framework for Leadership assignment enables you to analyze leadership as a vocation and evaluate qualities of professional excellence and integrity characterized by inspiring leaders. In preparation for this assignment, you will select a book about a specific leader that exemplifies successful leadership as a vocation. You can select a book by a wellknown individual in the discipline of leadership or a leader in your own field, religion, sport, or another area of personal interest. Complete the table below and submit this worksheet to your instructor. To allow time for thoughtful reading and planning for this assignment, consider the following items that you will be writing about when selecting a book: • • • • Practiced style of leadership Demonstrated leadership traits How the leader perceives leadership as a vocation How the leader inspires followership While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. Title of the book LEADERSHIP IS A CALLING Refere nce Hill, D. (2021). leadfollow.pdf. Docs.google.com. Retrieved 10 August 2021, from https://docs.google.com/viewer?url=http%3A%2F%2Fbusiness.baylor.edu%2Fhsb%2 Fbbr%2Fsp13%2Fpdfs%2Fleadfollow.pdf&embedded=true&chrome=false&dov=1 A 50100word ration ale for why you selecte d this book, includi ng a discuss First, I choose the book since it was directly related to my topic; it is based on every part of the topic. As I read the book, I realized it had an excellent presentation of the topic “Leadership is calling.” Additionally, the book contained direct testimony from the leader stating how he experienced the calling, making it even more helpful. David successfully led his team members and the bank in an outstanding manner using the traits and leadership skills which include empathy, emotional integrity, and integrity © 2020. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved. ion of the demon strated succes s of the leader 2
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