2 page Psychology Paper No Plagarism

Article Summary papers

•read the article

•write 2 full pages of text including in text citations in every paragraph, 4 2 lines minimum, APA formatting only, no MLA

•have no more than 2 sentences of direct quotes do not use bullets but write in paragraphs and complete sentences

•type an APA cover page and reference page

•Times New Roman 1 2 point font

•APA formatting

•All double spaced

•introductory and closing paragraphs, several main paragraphs

•No personal opinions/experiences in papers

•Use handouts (Writing Errors, APA, etc. ) to check all papers

•Papers without citations will receive maximum grades of 7 5 %

•Write all papers in 3rd person

•Do not include personal opinions, personal experiences, or other information, just summarize the article.

•In text citations should be in every paragraph

please number pages as well!


Thank you so much Prof.

Article is attached.

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