personal teaching philosophy

11:53 1 5G ايه АА Personal Essay Sample Template Teaching Philosophy Application Essay Write a 2-3 page, double-spaced essay on your own personal teaching philosophy. Your teaching philosophy should be centered on your teacher licensure area—for example, early childhood education, history education, special education, physical education, etc. Make certain to fully develop and support your main points and arguments. Carefully proofread and edit your teaching philosophy essay. In developing your own teaching philosophy, you should consider the following: a. What is or are the purpose(s) of schooling? b. What is the role of the teacher within an individual classroom? Within the larger American society? c. What is the role of the student? d. What type of classroom environment is most conducive to learning? e. Should education be the same for everyone? f. What types of instructional methods or strategies are best for student learning and academic achievement? .How do you know when students have learned? Assessment methods and strategies? g. ☺
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