Human Development Index numbers 


For the Political Considerations assignment, you will research and consider a variety of factors, including (but not limited to) systems of government, happiness index rankings, unemployment rates, and public debt. As part of your analysis, you will discuss how these factors relate to the cultural analysis work you did at the beginning of the semester, and consider how these various factors impact your business decision-making process.  Finally, you will synthesize your research and analysis and make a recommendation based  only on the cultural and political factors that you have taken into consideration so far.

To complete this assignment, you must, for Denmark and the United States:

· Identify systems of government/governmental structures (regional and national). Also identify any overarching organizations or agreements that these countries are part of that have a significant regulatory impact of the operation of businesses in those countries (such as the EU).

· Identify the ways that the governmental systems, structures, and organizational affiliations impact business (start with the “2019 Best Countries” resource below). Identify aspects of the political systems that are known to be advantageous or problematic for doing business in each country  (claims must be supported by credible sources).

· Compare similarities and differences between Denmark and the U.S., with a focus on doing business in each country. Include a clear, easy to read, well-organized table that compares the following factors:

· US News and World Report Best Countries for Business 2019 ranking


· GDP per Capita

· Public Debt/GDP

· Unemployment Rate (all of these are available in the Best Countries articles)

· Gross Domestic Happiness numbers

· Human Development Index numbers

· Discuss the significance of these numbers, clearly referencing your table, and identify and justify why you think they matter to your business decision.

· Include as part of your discussion (perhaps as a sub-section) what you believe are the most important indices to consider for people of your generation, both as citizens and as employed business people. How are these factors related to culture? Do you think there are generational commonalities between cultures? Differences? Why do you think so?

· Make a recommendation based only on the cultural and political considerations you have worked through so far.

· Note: While you will include your recommendation with justification overview at the end of your work, you will also state your recommendation at the beginning, as part of your introduction, and will use the body of your work to clearly demonstrate your justification. While works of fiction and most creative writing do not “give away the ending,” a report like this is a very different form of communication, and it should not be designed in a way that has twists and surprises like you would find in suspense or mystery genres. This does not mean that you shouldn’t be creative and personable in your presentation (you should be!), but it does mean that you need to be upfront, clear, and direct with your information and intentions from the start.



· 400-word minimum (not including works cited)

· Sources: A minimum of 5 credible sources is required. A collection of credible resources has been made available to you (linked in this assignment, and located in the “Course Reserves” section of Canvas). Those resources, your little textbook (Globalization: A Very Short Introduction), and the introductory readings for this class may all be used as sources for your Expert Report.

· You may find that your work requires additional research or support, in which case you must ensure that you use only credible, up-to-date sources. Sources that are found to be outdated or not credible will not be counted as one of your 5 minimum sources.

· Analysis: Citing all your sources, present relevant political considerations for Denmark and the United States, including the elements listed above in the “overview” section. Discuss how cultural attitudes and political aspects may affect business decision making. Make a preliminary plant location recommendation based on these specific considerations. Guide us through the logic that leads to your conclusion/recommendation for a plant location.

· You will organize your work as a sentence outline (see resources for help with this).

· You must follow the format of the “Sentence Outline Skeleton” provided for you.

· You must include clear “Introduction,” “Body,” and “Conclusion” headings.

· You must include in-text citations for all sources used (yes, even in a sentence outline).

· Citations must be formatted correctly according to the style decided on by your team (APA, or MLA).

· Visuals: You are required to create a clear, easy to read, well-organized table that compares the factors listed in the “Overview” section above. You will reference this table as part of your presentation to your group, and will include it in your handout. You must also include this table as part of the document you submit for this assignment (which is separate from the “Handout” assignment). You should include the table in an appendix after your Works Cited (instead of in the body of your sentence outline). When you reference the table in your sentence outline, put in parentheses: (Appendix 1). This will let readers of your sentence outline know that you are referencing a table at the end of the document.

· Note: When you include the table as part of your handout, you will not need to reference it as an appendix, as it will be part of the main body of your handout.

· Introduction: Your Expert Report Sentence Outline must include an introduction that offers context, makes an argument (the thesis statement), and offers a preview of what you are going to talk about.  You will include a brief statement about your recommendation in the introduction as part of/following your thesis statement.

· The introduction must include a thesis of your main idea, which ultimately informs your recommendation. Your thesis should be a one- to two-sentence statement about the main political and cultural considerations in each country that would affect a plant location.

· The rest of your presentation should work to support your thesis statement in some way.

· Topic Sentences: Each section of your sentence outline must include a topic sentence. Every topic sentence should support your thesis in some way, and every topic sentence must act as a  thesis for that section. This will help you build cohesion and “flow” throughout your work. Every piece of evidence or information you offer in each section should then work to support the topic sentence of that section.

· Conclusion: Your sentence outline must include a conclusion. The conclusion will sum things up for your listeners, clearly restate your thesis and recommendation, and offer a brief review of the justifications you expounded on in the body of your presentation.

· The conclusion should include a recommendation that offers clear reasoning and justification, as previously specified.

· You should acknowledge that your recommendation is based on only two factors, and note how your recommendation may change once you take the additional factors into account.

· Works cited: Citations must be formatted correctly according to the style decided on by your team (APA, or MLA)




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