Organization: The structural quality is assessed.

INDE 6609 Egilmez

Industry 4.0 Seminars’ Reflection Paper Assignment

1. What is industry 4.0? (10 pts.)

2. Discuss the seminars’ overall contribution to your awareness of the Industry 4.0?

(10 pts.)

3. Which seminar was the most impactful to your professional development? Why? (10


4. Which seminar was the least impactful to your professional development? Why? (10


5. Explain how industry 4.0 and the working knowledge of engineering statistics are

related? (10 pts.)

6. Discuss, how this course (knowledge and practice) could be utilized to solve

practical problems in a company, which aims to implement industry 4.0 practices.

(20 pts.) (e.g. Provide specific topics that we covered and identify how those topics could be used for practical problem solving.

Other Rubric Elements:

1. Organization: The structural quality is assessed. (5 pts.)

2. Writing: Control of Mechanics, Sentence Structure, Grammar, Spelling (10 pts.)

3. Originality: Based on the level of similarity, the originality will be assessed. (5 pts.)

o Below 5% Excellent

o Below 10% is very good

o Below 15% is good

o Below 20% is acceptable.

o After 20% is not acceptable.

4. Responsiveness: Responsiveness to the topics raised with the questions. (10 pts.)


a. You can do literature, web search for preparing a professional paper with


b. Make sure to cite all your sources, provide a reference section

c. Avoid plagiarism.

d. Make sure to keep your similarity below 20% on Turnitin.

e. If you submit your document, it will show you the similarity and you can re-



Reflection Paper Assignment is due May 5th, Sunday, End of Day


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