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Community Health Plan and Health Education Lesson Plan for Health Disparities among African/Black Americans in Miami, Fl












The Rationale for Choosing the Topic

As discussed by Healthy People (2020), health disparities refer to specific types of health differences that exist due to the environmental, geographical, economic, and social disadvantages that a certain group of people experiences. Health disparities have caused various challenges to unique populations with some of them experiencing higher death rates or development of complications compared to other groups of people. Therefore, the topic of health disparities among Black/African Americans in Miami Fl was selected for this project because it is a sensitive issue that needs to be understood and addressed to promote better health outcomes among the African American population.

Introduction to the Problem

Black/African Americans have suffered from health disparities which have caused them to suffer more and have limited access to healthcare. These health disparities include their race, ethnicity, level of income, and their geographical location. Due to such health disparities, Black Americans develop complications and experience higher death rates compared to other populations in Miami, Fl. Therefore, it is important to understand this problem to ensure that it is addressed appropriately (Florida Health, 2021).


The main goal of this project is to research on and discuss the health disparities that exist among Black Americans in Miami, Fl. With this understanding, it will be easier to define proper interventions that will help promote equality and fairness in healthcare.

Behavioral Objectives

The following three behavioral objectives will be addressed:

1. To document the effects of health disparities affecting Black Americans in Miami, Fl.

2. To identify the number of Black Americans that suffer due to health disparities.

3. To suggest potential interventions that will address health disparities among Black Americans.

Bloom’s Taxonomy

Bloom’s taxonomy was created to help teachers and instructors deliver lesson plans effectively. Since the project will be addressing the issue of health disparities in African Americans in Miami Fl., the bloom taxonomy concepts of knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation will be applied. This will help in determining whether the topic has been understood at the end of the project.

Cognitive, Psychomotor, and Affective Domain

Cognitive domain – to define health disparities among Black Americans in Miami, Fl.

Psychomotor domain – to describe the effects and impacts of health disparities among Black Americans of Miami, Fl.

Affective domain- to suggest appropriate interventions to address these health disparities

Teaching Strategies

PowerPoint presentations will be the main teaching strategy that will be utilized. In addition to this, other teaching strategies such as small group discussions, question-answer sessions, and research will be applied.

Evaluation Method

This will be achieved by having a checklist where all objectives and achievements targeted for the project will be recorded.


As discussed, the project intends to address the issue of health disparities among Black Americans in Miami, Fl. This will be made possible through research and striving to meet the objectives and goals of the project.