4. Leisure Interviews The purpose of this assignment is for students to demonstrate an understanding

4. Leisure Interviews
purpose of this assignment is for students to demonstrate an understanding of
the correlation of leisure involvement to overall personal health and lifelong
learning and satisfaction across multiple age groups/levels. Students will
conduct 4 separate personal
interviews that will span four generations:

1 ~ 70 or older
2 ~ 50 to 69 y.o.
3 ~ 30 to 49 y.o.
4 ~ An individual younger than 25

are required to choose an individual in each age category and talk with them
about leisure. The interview/discussion should help the student gain a further
understanding of various individual’s perception of leisure and how “leisure
attitudes” have changed over time. Students should be able to increase their
understanding of the benefits of participation in a variety of leisure
opportunities and the relationship to a healthy and satisfying life across the
lifespan. Potential questions that
students may ask, include, but are not limited to:
is your leisure participation now versus when you were in your teens, 20’s,
30’s, 40’s? How was leisure perceived
when you were younger? How do you think
that leisure in society has changed?
How do you think it may change in the next 25 years? Why?
How would you define leisure?
What are the benefits of leisure?
What influenced your decision on what activities you participated
in? Does your spouse, family, friends
share in your same leisure interests?

. Students will share their findings through a
1-2 page paper. The paper will contain a
summary of each interview (1-2 paragraphs each). Students will then compare/contrast their interview findings (1-2
paragraphs). The final 1-2 paragraphs
should demonstrate the student’s knowledge acquisition by relating the interview
content to the core concepts discussed in this course

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