About Apple Inc questions

Answer the SECOND AND THIRD questions ONLY

1.  What is the organization’s legal name?  Use the internet to research the company’s international operations.  In what country is it based for tax purposes?  In what countries does it have offices/branches?

I have selected APPLE for the purpose of my assignment; APPLE conducts operations all around the globe. APPLE was market leader and lead the market of Smartphone. APPLE is still leading with latest technology, by providing IOS as operating system and through products like iPhone, MAC, iPod and iPad etc. 

Legal Name

The legal name of APPLE is APPLE INC. as per form 10-K submitted by the organization [(1) APPLE (2014)]. 

Based for tax Purposes

APPLE’s head office lies in Cupertino, California. APPLE INC. falls under legal jurisdiction of California State and based in California for tax purposes as well [(1) APPLE (2014)]. 

Other Branches and Offices

APPLE has offices in America, Japan, India, China, Europe and other countries of Pacific Asia [(1) APPLE (2014), Page 27].

2.  Ascertain how well, and by what means, the organization motivates its workers around the world.  Next, offer suggestions regarding what types of motivational techniques are preferable in the different locations in which your organization operates.  Be as detailed as possible.  Use citations where possible.

3.Draft Section Seven of the Case ReportDescribe in detail one key recommendation for the executives of your organization.  Be as specific as possible and address questions of ‘why,’ and ‘how.’  Well-supported recommendations 1) are logically derived from thorough and systematic analysis, 2) acknowledge strategic alternatives, and 3) detail plausible plans for implementation.