This is an undergrad course with a template used as a study guide that will not lead to license. However, I do expect some quality. I will attach word document support. The Assignment: Review the media In their own words and the excerpt from the book Chemical Dependency Counseling: A Practical Guide. Then, examine the Treatment Plan Sample and Treatment Plan Template provided in this week’s Learning Resources. Consider how you could use the information provided during this week’s media to develop a treatment plan to support one of the addicts’ addiction-free lifestyle. Then use the Treatment Plan Template from this week’s Learning Resources to develop a treatment plan for the addict of your choice from this week’s media. Citations U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (1994). Treatment for alcohol and other drug abuse: Opportunities for coordination. Technical Assistance Publication (TAP) Series 11. Retrieved from Holleran, L. K., Taylor-Seehafer, M. A., Porneroy, E. C., & Neff, J. (2005). Substance abuse prevention for high-risk youth: Exploring culture and alcohol and drug use. Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly, 23(2/3), 165–184. Perkinson, R. R. (2002). Chemical dependency counseling: A practical guide (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. (pp. 67–78) Chemical Dependency Counseling: A Practical Guide, 2nd Edition by Perkinson, R.R. Copyright 2001 by Sage Publications, Inc. Reprinted by permission of Sage Publications, Inc. via the Copyright Clearance Center. Document: Treatment Plan Template (Word document) Document: Missouri Department of Social Services (2010). Sample treatment plan. Retrieved from

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