An expansion to the pipeline linking the oil sands in Alberta

Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, approved an expansion to the pipeline

linking the oil sands in Alberta to a tanker port in British Columbia. Doing this will

"rease the capacity of a 53-year-old pipeline to 890,000 barrels a day from 300,000 and

expand the tanker port" Of course, environmental groups disliked the decision. The

environmental groups believed the pipeline expansion directly contradicted P.M.

Trudeau's promise to protect the environment. Prime minister Trudeau disagrees. P.M.

Trudeau believes that the pipeline expansion is both good for the environment and good

for the economy. “If I thought that this project was unsafe for the B.C. coast, I would

reject it,” he said. P.M. Trudeau welcomed dissenters, but still would not change his

decision. He believes he based the decision on science, not political beliefs.

Environmentalists think this decision will lead to an oil spill.

2) I think you should choose the culture and economy

3) Both discuss Trudeau approving the pipeline. The Al Jazeera article talks more about

Indigenous communities' opposition to the pipeline Al Jazeera interviewed president of

the Union of BC Indian Chiefs. He also interviews the tar sands Campaign Coordinator

with climate justice group Both address concerns about what a potential oil spill

would do to the environment Al Jazeera also discusses Canadians also held vigils in over

45 different locations across the country last week in opposition to the project.

4) When Al Jazeera mentions P.M. Trudeau's pipeline expansion announcement, he refers to

the Canadian government as "Liberal government" The New York Times just says

Trudeau approved the expansion, with no mention of whether Canada is conservative or

liberal. Al Jazeera immediately places this quote after that paragraph, "The decision that

we took today is in the best interests of Canada and the best interests of Canadians,"

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