Analyse the price movements of the Australian domestic property markets, focusing on residential… 1 answer below »

Assignment Topic for ODD ID: 1 – Analyse the price movements of the Australian domestic property

markets, focusing on residential property over the last 10 years. Respond to the claim that while record

low interest rates and unemployment would typically have continued to fuel property prices, the limited

availability of credit has more than offset demand resulting in significant property price declines across

many of our capital cities.

Note: Australia Real Estate Market Outlook could be one of the sources to collect information on this

topic, you will have to make additional research to get more information.

Assignment Topic for ODD ID: 2 – Analyse the performance of crowdfunding as a policy. Analyse

and discuss some of the trends (business models of firms raising funds, the quantum of funds, frequency

of fundraising success) for firms raising funds.

Note: You will have to do research and get information from internet.

Assignment Topic for ODD ID: 3 – Self managed superannuation is becoming a popular choice for

many Australians wanting to take control of their superannuation. What are some of the key drivers

behind this trends? Analyse the data in relation to models of superannuation and fund choice focusing

on self-managed and traditional non self-managed funds, and discuss any observable trends.


Visit this website and also do your research for more information

Assignment Topic for ODD ID: 4 – Analyse the business models of Coles and Woolworths. Compare

the operating earnings of Coles with those of Woolworths over the last five years, ending FY 2018/2019.

What are the observable trends in operating performance?

Note: Visit the website of the companies to get information.


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