Appropriate controls and measurements

This assignment for you is to write a review on one or more papers about any topic from handout 1 to handout 4. Guidelines Must be no longer than 3 pages (double spaced, 12 pt font) Paper Review is NOT a paper summary. What was the goal of this study? Why and how did they do it? What did the researchers find? The main contributions. What is your evaluation on this paper? Rating? Was the research conducted well? Appropriate controls and measurements? Do the results have any practical applications? In other words, SO WHAT? How about the other papers in the same topic? If it is an old paper, any change now? Some predication in the paper to be real or maybe some is wrong? What is the latest development? How does this further our understanding about what we learned from class? Please attach the original paper with your review document submission, unless it is from my given paper list.

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