Articulate basic drug terminology and drug taking behavior

It is step two of the process. I am copying step two for you below but I want to encourage you to read all four steps of the final assignment to give you a clear picture of how the step two media proposal assignment fits into the big picture. Step Two: Find a current example of substance use portrayal seen in the media; for example, scenes from a movie, a television show, or a commercial; print ads; or portrayals found in “new media” as discussed in the AAP article. The Internet is a good tool for finding film or television portrayals of substance use as well as examples of print ads if ready access to first-hand media is not available. A two paragraph summary of the proposed example of substance use portrayal in the media that will be used for the paper is due by the end of Week 3. This proposal is a separate assignment and is worth 10 points. –Articulate basic drug terminology and drug taking behavior –Identify the various addictive substances – legal and illegal – and their classifications –Analyze the reasons people commonly abuse substances –Analyze how substances affect the mind and body and society

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