Aspect of IT governance.

According to your feed back"The topic is too general – numerous contents could be grouped here. You want to have a focus. Find an interesting aspect of IT governance."I rewrited the propasal. Could you please check it again? Introduction IT stands for Information technology. Strategic IT means members build a strategic network to accomplish any task with efficiency and within time. Today, Information technology has become the stamina of commerce. For the success of companies strategic IT becomes the most important factor. IT provides the software or fulfill the demands of enterprises under the supervision of IT governance. IT grows rapidly with the development of personal computers. IT is a proof to the all work top level IT managers as well as low level employees like secretaries, analysts and technicians. IT governance can be described as a set of processes that guarantees the valuable and proficient utilization of IT in enabling an organization to accomplish its objectives. In past IT was implemented from strategic thinking like finger touch keyboard. In present, chief executives interpret the strategic value of IT, how it can be used to gain competitive benefit. IT is used to ‘digitize’ the business models. Fresh ideas can be fetched from the strategy consulting firms for IT investments and benefits to IT companies. IT changes the thinking of humans with the intervention of IT governance. The three basic functions of IT: Data storage Data processing And data transports These functions are available and these are used to transfers strategic resource into commodity factors. These factors are becoming cost of doing business .IT is broadly adopted that reshaped industry. But as with increase in availability of IT and decrease in cost implications for IT management are profound. Vanishing Advantage of Strategic IT • IT technology plays the vital role in reshaping the operations of total industries or even economies with a strategic network. As long as they remain protected, proprietary technologies can be the base for long term strategic advantages, enable companies to gain higher profits than their rivals. • When a source became necessary to rivalry but insignificant to plan, the risk it creates become more essential than the gain it provides. • There are two types of IT technologies 1. Proprietary technologies 2. Infrastructural technologies Proprietary technologies can be owned by a solitary company. Company may have patent on it. Infrastructural technologies can be shared generally. It can take shape of Proprietary technology. Only access to it is limited to gain benefit on competitors. Buildout forces used to accept technical standards, exposé proprietary systems outdated. • Additional advantages of strategic IT includes level economics and brand detection Electricity became the main scarce source in IT. New Rules for Strategic IT 1. Spend Less 2. Follow, Don’t Lead: sometimes waiting will decrease risk. So this rule is good option to avoid risk. 3. Focus on Vulnerabilities, not on opportunities: IT companies should spotlight on technological outages and protection breaches. From Offense to Defense When working in IT, risk identification is must and planning is needed to avoid and prevent risk for the strategic network. Cost management is also required. Communication cost need to be managed in strategic network of persons. Because if budgetary conditions are good of a company then it can take risk otherwise risk should be avoided. (Carr N. ) (Carr N. G., 2003) Issues in IT In IT, Responses to business requests need more time and increased cost. IT engineers had to spend more time than ever fixing bugs in the systems. Therefore, many large, striving projects were late. Profitable customers and time consuming progress of projects lead company to develop inefficient products. So, IT pays attention on alignment. Alignment refers to the level to which the IT group understands the priorities of the business and expends its resources, pursues projects and delivers consistent information. (Carr N. G., 2003)

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