Assignment: Application Analysis: The Definition of Search and Seizures (Conclusion to Chapter…


Application Analysis: The Definition of Search and Seizures (Conclusion to Chapter 3)/Stop and Frisk (Chapter 4)

This week you will reflect upon “The Definition of Search and Seizures/Stop and Frisk” and answer the following questions:


  1. Access the article on Spygate Lawsuit Accuses NSA of Unconstitutional ‘Dragnet Electronic Surveillance’” at, regarding a lawsuit claiming that the NSA is participating in unconstitutional spying.
    QUESTION 1: Discuss whether the “dragnet electronic surveillance” described in the article is a search for purposes of the Fourth Amendment. Do you believe it is a search, should the NSA be required to meet the “particularity requirement” described in the article?  Be detailed in your response and defend your position.
  2. Access the article about the use of drones in police high crime areas entitled “St. Louis Police Chief Wants Drones to Patrol High Crime Areas” at
    QUESTION 2:  Determine if the source and information of this article is credible.  Then, considering the advancement of technology, discuss whether drones should be used to police high crimes areas? What Fourth Amendment issues do you think there might be when using such aircraft, if any? What are the potential positive outcomes? What are the potential negative outcomes?


Assignment Instructions:

  • Answer each question in 500 – 600 words (1000-1200 words total)

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