Balancing the need for security versus the protection of civil liberties

Assignment Details

The post-9/11 environment has introduced a significant debate among balancing the need for security versus the protection of civil liberties. In the age of social media and big data, it is relatively easy for public and private organizations to gain individual profiles. Additionally, the need to ensure security has given rise to a culture of security. This has sparked concerns on governmental encroachment on an individual’s right to privacy.

In 5–6 paragraphs, address the following:

  • Discuss the phrase, “You can never gain 100 percent security, but you can lose 100 percent liberty.”
  • What is the likelihood of the creation of a dystopian society in the name of security through acquiescence by the public?
  • Discuss some of the challenges posed by social media and the use of big data versus the need to ensure individual privacy.
  • cite references

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