This project is designed to enhance your business modeling experience. You need to find a business process within (Towson University) or a (business company).

The business process should have at least (4 decision points and include various pathways based on those decisions).

This project has ((two parts)):

1-The first part is based on your write up of the business process. It should be clearly written (bullets can be used) so that another individual can read your process and be able to create a business model (similar to the business process descriptions provided in the attachment.

2-The second part is comprised of the business model of the process. You should use BPMN and BizAgi. Make sure that all the components are clearly visible to the professor. No spelling mistakes. The individual project should be printed out and handed in on due date. There are no exceptions. No late work will be allowed.

Process Description – 50 points (Please print two copies of the process description)

Business Process Model – 85 points (Print model and ensure that the professor can read it)

Insurance Process(2).docx

insurance claim solution.docx