Choose One Question and Complete a 1.5 Page Essay 1. Pick two literary periods that we have studied.

Choose One Question and Complete a 1.5 Page Essay

1. Pick two literary periods that we have studied this semester; they may be British or American or both. Describe the characteristics of these periods. Then choose at least two authors from each period and demonstrate how their works reflect these characteristics. Give specific examples from the authors’ texts.

2. For many years, the literary canon was made up of mostly male writers. However, more and
more female writers are making up the canon, and they are being treated seriously by critics.
Examine how women are portrayed in literature. You may look at works by either male or female
writers. There is no one answer to this question. Look at various works to see how women are
portrayed. Be sure to offer specific examples from a variety of texts to support your ideas.

3. Nature ie at least
two writers and explain how they treat nature in their works. What are the similarities? What are
the differences? Offer an explanation for these similarities and differences.

4. Imagination is a very common theme in literature. Pick at least two authors and show how
they deal with imagination in their work(s). What similarities and differences do you see in the
way authors deal with this theme?

5.  The idea of independence or self-worth is a theme that runs through much of literature. Take at least two authors
from our anthology (or assigned readings) and compare and contrast their views of independence and self-worth. What
values or limitations are there in that independence/self-worth?

6. You may also choose a question from the first exam, as long as you do not write the same question as before.

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