Cognition (3pts) Consider the fact that while human beings are quite good with their thinking, we…

Cognition (3pts)

Consider the fact that while human beings are quite good with their thinking, we often underestimate how faulty our cognitions can be. Since our thinking is prone to error, it becomes more important to do systematic studies and to apply critical thinking!

Please try out the following for your enjoyment. Come back to this conference with a discussion for each one:

1. Go to the following site to find nine dots arranged in a square matrix. Try out the task: draw four lines through all the dots. Don’t look at the rest of the page unless you have to

2. Stroop Effect:

**What does this have to say about automatic and controlled processing?

3. (Optional):Own-Race Bias

This is an excellent site for various Asian Studies related discussions … for our purposes, there is a test that measures how good we are at identifying Japanese, Korean, and Chinese faces. Remember, the discussion in the chapter is about how we use heuristics and how representativeness and availability play a big role.

**Because this site requires you to register, I am giving you a choice in doing this exercise. It is wonderful, though, so hopefully you’ll consider doing it.

(click on “The exam room” on the right and pick the first one, ‘Faces.’)

4. Find someone who is willing to do this exercise for you (your research “subject” or “participant”) and follow these steps:

Pick a number from 1 to 9.

Subtract 5.

Multiply by 3.

Square the number (multiply by the same number — not square root).

Add the digits until you get only one digit (i.e., 64=6+4=10=1+0=1).

If the number is less than 5, add five, otherwise subtract 4.

Multiply by 2.

Subtract 6.

Map the digit to a letter in the alphabet, 1=A, 2=B, 3=C, etc.

Pick a name of a country that begins with that letter.

Take the second letter in the country name and think of a mammal that begins with that letter.

Think of the color of that mammal.

Tell your “subject”: You are thinking of a gray elephant from Denmark, right?  MAGIC! – okay, some of you may get some other creative responses but MOST people come up with this one!

I look forward to reading about your experiences and observations after doing this. Please remember that in everything you do for this class, I expect application of concepts (this time, from chapter 2 on social cognition) and while I’ll enjoy reading your opinions, will be looking for a scientific understanding of social psychology. You should also include details about the experience and provide meaningful responses to others.

Dr. L





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After working on the thirty three questions, it is very surprising that I only got sixteen out of thirty three questions correct. Basically, I used common sense or in other words general knowledge to answer the questions. I did not expect to get that kind of score actually; I even thought that I was going to get everything right. After going through the answers I have been in a position to reason out more broadly in terms of psychology and definitely I have arrived into a conclusion that the questions I….


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