Comfort Zone Sphere Exercise • Take a piece of paper, and draw two large circles on it. Label the in

Comfort Zone Sphere Exercise 

•  Take a piece of paper, and draw two large circles on it. Label the inner part “Comfort Zone” and outer part “Panic Zone”.

•  Prepare a list of decisions, situations, or actions you experience and encounter on a different paper. 

•  Now classify and write down above mentioned items as either in the comfort zone or panic zone. The most comfortable ones would be located towards the center and difficult in the outer area that is the panic zone. 

•  Evaluate those actions outside the circle and write a reflection paper on what barriers keep you from having those within the circle.

•  Write an action plan of how you will expand your comfort zone circle. Include specific actions you will do. 


Reflect on what you did the first day in class and incorporate that too:

First Day of Class: 

Each student will stand in front of the classroom and answer the following questions:

•  Why did you choose Healthcare?

•  When did you know you were different from everyone else?

•  (Optional) What Values do you bring to this course and what do you want to improve on?

 Write a short paper explaining your feelings in the first day of class exercise, include your feelings on your comfort zone, your comfort zone action plan, and how you will become a servant leader in the future.  Explain what selfless means to you and how you will be so in your career. Overall, how will you and/or are you courageous, selfless, and committed to HC?

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