conceptualization, operationalization and measurement. Chapters 4-6 from: 1, Read chapter 6…

conceptualization, operationalization and measurement.

Chapters 4-6 from: 

1, Read chapter 6 carefully, especially, the part on conceptualization, operationalization and measurement. Define the three terms: conceptualization, operationalization and measurement carefully. These are very important concepts to understand.

2. Once you have had a chance to read those sections think about two concepts that you like and and tell the class how you would conceptualize, operationalize and come up with measurements for your concepts. Examples of concepts: poverty, education etc. Do not use a whole sentence.

3. Working with the same variables that you created under question 2, construct a hypothesis for each concepts (for a total of 2 hypotheses) and indicate how you are going to test your hypotheses.




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Chapter 4-6

Conceptualization is a mental process that is used to define imprecise constructs, as well as their constituent components in precise and concrete terms. Whenever a word such as creativity is used, for instance, the mind immediately conjures the image, even though people might find it difficult to give the exact definition of the word. The conceptualization…………………



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