Create a visual timeline using either flow chart, bar chart, storyboard or calen

Artist Management/ Music Industry is the field that I am studying:

All I need is a visual diagram of  the steps below and include how long each activity below will take to complete. Also add additional details about each of these activities. How will I accomplish this task? What people or resources will I need to complete this task? 

This visual representation can take many forms. You can use a calendar format, a flow chart, a bar chart, a storyboard, or just about any other creative visual that will help you understand the order of what needs to take place from start to finish, including the duration of each. 

Here is the list of activities that I need in the timeline, you can add others if need to:

*Connect and network with producers, directors and photographers.

*Set-up studio time (find the best rates)

*Help artist gain more exposure (social media, open mic, red carpet events)

* create a time management schedule with goals

*set-up a go fund me account (maybe)

*communicate regularly

*Stay prepared

* Keep focus on the artist

* Stay professional

* learn the business more

Thank you.