critical aspects of a workplace and breaches

2000 words (+/- 10%)RationaleSafety and Risk Management are critical aspects of a workplace and breaches are punishable under Work Health and Safety Law. This task encourages students to analyse and conceptualise responses to safety breaches in a given situation and make decisions based on the evidence provided.TaskRead the online article at the following link: an essay describe the workplace, the hazards and how this safety breach could have been avoided. What actually happened and how did SAFEWORK resolve this issue? What could have been done differently and how would you address this if you worked in this workplace?CriteriaYour assignment will be assessed on the following:Academic writing styleDepth of discussion on the safety aspects leading to the incidentDiscussion of the response to the incident and how safety could be improved.Use of APA referencing styleEnsure that you have created a list of references rather than providing a bibliography. All reference list entries must have at least one citation, and all citations must have a corresponding reference list entry. This unit uses the APA 6thedition method of referencing.Your assessment may include a maximum of 10% quotations with reference list entries. Plagiarised text does not count as allowable quotation. To promote clear dissemination of information, paraphrase and use your own words. Be sure to include in-text citations and reference-list entries for directly quoted, paraphrased or summarised information. Summarising is preferred to direct quotation and paraphrasing.ResourcesResources

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