Customer Service Leadership

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JFiler_CompanySelectionandOverview_072714.docx  that is from the first one.

This week you will be studying the  organizational culture of the company you have selected for your project.  Organizational culture is composed of the unique norms and set of beliefs that  are held by an organization and its employees. Culture can often impact who a  company hires, how they are trained, the quality of service they provide, and  the type of work environment that is created.

Write a one-page paper describing  the organizational culture of your selected company. Specifically, be sure to  address what contributes to creating this culture, and explain how it impacts  the level of customer service that is delivered and the type of working  environment that is created.

To gather information for this  assignment, you can use personal observation, interview an employee, and/or  find research on the company’s culture. Be sure to cite any references in APA  format.