Dealing with Diversity in Workplace

Discussion Question 1: Mary and the “Do Not Disturb” Sign
Sometimes many problems in the law office can be averted with old fashioned common sense. Mary Jane, a receptionist at a busy 20-lawyer law firm, prefers to spend her lunch hour reading the Bible at her desk. Mary puts a “Do not Disturb” sign on her desk. One of the junior attorneys, who thought that the “Do Not Disturb” sign had a negative impact on clients waiting in the front room, requested that Mary either take down her sign or read her Bible in the break room. As she refuses to do so, the junior attorney asked a staff secretary to remove her “Do Not Disturb” sign during the lunch hour.
Do you think that his action was appropriate or not?
How could he have handled the situation?
Support your answers with reason and examples.
Discussion Question 2: Dealing with Diversity in Workplace
We live in a world of diversity. You are the paralegal manager in a large law firm. You have just hired Fatima who is from India, as a secretary for the paralegals. She is the first Asian person hired in your office, and you are concerned that she may feel a little out of place.
How would you make her feel welcome and part of the office? Justify your answers with examples and reasoning.

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