Design for X is a term used to describe a design methodology that is focused on a singular design…

Design for X is a term used to describe a design methodology that is focused on a singular design attribute, X. Common examples include usability, reliability, assembly and maintainability. A DfX methodology will typically provide

  1. A set of guidelines for recommended design practices
  2. Tools / approaches / methods to assist in the design process at various stages of the system life-cycle
  3. Metrics to evaluate a design and/or constrain the functional analysis and allocation process.

In this group assignment you are to you are required to write a ~2000 word report that critically reviews a DfX methodology of your choosing. The review is to address the 3 components detailed above. This is to be a general review – there is no requirement for it to be grounded in your case study from assignment 1. DfX is covered in Weeks 9-11. If you so choose, you can base your review on one of the methodologies covered in the lectures. However, you will need to augment the lecture content with additional source material. You will also need to structure your review so that the 3 components detailed above are explicitly addressed.

Groups will be the same as for Assignment 1. It is the responsibility of each team to allocate and schedule work evenly and fairly within a group. If issues arise that cannot be resolved internally, then contact your tutor and/or the unit coordinator as soon as possible. If the issue cannot be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction, then the group may need to be restructured.


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