Design the framework – here you need to identify, and then bring together, the essential… 1 answer below »

The purpose of this assessment is to demonstrate your understanding of why ethical

frameworks are necessary in professional practice and to illustrate your understanding by

developing your own ethical framework to provide a rationale for ethical decision making.

The assessment will be composed of two parts:

Part 1. Design the framework – here you need to identify, and then bring together, the

essential components of an ethical framework into a form which provides a structure to guide

information gathering about any case and which offers a process to follow by which caserelated information can be evaluated with a view to making decisions.

Part 2. After completing Part 1, describe an imaginary, or real, case scenario which needs a

management/treatment question answered. Use the details of the case to work through your

ethical framework to show how it could be used to gather and collate relevant information so

that an appropriate ethical answer to the case can be found.

In order to complete the assessment, you will need to review how ethical frameworks are

composed (and why) and understand their purpose and how they are used. Do not copy

a framework directly from the literature as your answer to Part 1. However, you will need

to provide the rationale for how your ethical framework is composed and how it could be

used, so you need to reference the literature to provide this information as well as to

illustrate ethical principles.

As this is not an essay, but the presentation of the assessment should be in a report

format and be structured with main section headings, subordinate headings (subheadings) and bullet points where necessary. Start with an introduction, then a main body

and a short conclusion.


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