Drotos Engineering Cloud Migration Project Overview

NTC 300 Week 4 Drotos Engineering: Cloud Management. Below is the only Resource, and afet it is the assignment which is

Resource For Assignment: Drotos Engineering Cloud Migration Project Overview


You are the sole IT employee for Drotos Engineering, a 20-person, privately owned engineering consulting company. The company has a single location. It is growing and is expecting to hire 8 to 10 employees in the next year and use additional engineering consultants on an as-needed basis. The company owner, Drotos Sr. (referred to as Senior) is planning to allow employees to work remotely rather than expand office space.

Senior wants you to review the company’s IT network, hardware, and software capabilities and determine what is needed to meet the following organization goals:

·         Employees can access files and software locally and remotely.

·         Employee and workload growth is supported by IT systems.

o    The software applications and storage are scalable as employee numbers increase.

o    Employee growth does not negatively affect response time of software applications.

·         Maximize IT operational efficiency (IT isn’t getting one of the new hires).

·         Systems and client information are secure.

·         Business can continue even if the office or network is compromised.

·         Network design and processes are documented to enable maintenance and troubleshooting, even in the IT manager’s absence.

Current Network and Software Description

Network Design

The company currently has a private non-cloud IT network.

The application is housed on a single server, with no redundancy and limited network attached storage. The system is behind dual firewalls and does not have remote access or backup functionality.

Software Considerations

The company employees use enterprise-wide versions of Microsoft® Office® applications and desktop versions of engineering specialty applications. Many of the specialty licenses are about to expire and the Microsoft® Office® package is several versions old.


As you are the only IT employee in Drotos Engineering, you persuaded Senior that you need outsourcing support to design, deploy, and maintain the cloud-based solution for your applications.

Note: You must include an introduction and conclusion for each of the following documents. The introduction provides context for what the reader will read and the conclusion is a summary statement of what was presented.

Part 1

As the IT liaison, Senior tasked you with defining the technical components of the SLA with the consultants.

Write a 2-page summary that includes:

  • A listing of the Drotos Engineering IT manager and vendor roles and responsibilities
  • A summary (in narrative or table format) with the acceptable metrics and measurements ranges, with definitions and rationale that will ensure optimum performance. Include minimum and maximum information for:
  • Disk space use (e.g., for each system, the minimum amount of disk space required by the application/person/system to run efficiently)
  • Response time
  • Uptime
  • Vendor to Drotos Engineering reporting requirements

Part 2

During the first few weeks your SLA is in place, you work with the consultant to resolve performance and optimization issues that arise. Your decisions will help create a template for the vendor to follow with later issues. Two issues arose that required documentation.

Issue 1

The baseline performance for your system is 35% below what was projected to access data and store data. Monitoring indicates that the source of the poor performance could be the network, disk, or CPU.

Write a 1- to 2-page description of how the vendor should address the issue using the following resource provisioning/deprovisioning options:

  • Usage patterns
  • Cloud bursting
  • Extending cloud scope, storage, and virtual machines
  • Application life cycle
  • Business need changes

Issue 2

Your engineering applications are subject to many regulations. You learn that a new security regulation requires the assurance of a 3-second response time to ensure the user’s flow of thought remains uninterrupted because of the sensitive nature of the data on the system.

Write a 1- to 2-page description that defines and describes the appropriate provisioning techniques the vendor is to follow to address the new regulation and to ensure your customers’ and internal data remain protected.

Compress the following files into a ZIP file:

  • SLA Content Summary
  • Issue 1 Provisioning Description
  • Issue 2 Provisioning Description

For each submission remember your Word document should be in APA format and any diagrams or narratives should be embedded within the document.

Submit your assignment.

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