Ethical Dilemma Because It’s Worth It? If you work at L’Oréal, the company’s meals, gym, massageserv

Ethical Dilemma Because It’s Worth It? If you work at L’Oréal, the company’s meals, gym, massageservice, concierge service, day-nursery, and around three months’salary in profit-sharing schemes may seem a good reason to be verysatisfied with your job. Indeed, L’Oréal is among the mostsought-after companies to work for, with 1 million applicationsevery year. The 2015
Universum survey, which is conductedyearly in 12 European countries from a sample of 168,000undergraduate business school students, ranked L’Oréal as thesecond most preferred employer in Europe. Innovative recruiting tools such as REVEAL, Brandstorm, andTalentube support L’Oréal’s reputation as an employer of choice byraising youngsters’ positive attitudes toward its brands.Brandstorm, an efficient assessing tool, means that competing teamsof students from renowned business schools and universities playthe role of a brand manager by analyzing market trends and creatingproduct packaging so that they experience real work situations atL’Oréal and can connect with their potential future jobs. InFrance, 90 percent of all new recruits at L’Oréal were interns, thereasoning being that internships serve to build future employees’organizational commitment. Before taking up any managerialposition, new recruits are all sent on the road for six to twelvemonths to stack products on shelves at 5am in supermarkets. It isan ordeal. Candidates are reportedly thrown in at the deep end andforced to learn on their own. The job allows little time forsocialization outside the organization. Being part of L’Oréal hasbeen described as “cult-like.” In-the-field initiations serve asfilters. You must be highly engaged by your job even if you feel alack of organizational support, or you will be seen as weak—and theweakest do not last. Everyone has key objectives and accountabilities. To ensure thatemployees will be devoted to their job and perform up to itsstandards, L’Oréal has five Development and Learning Centersworldwide. Each Oréalien has personalized access to learningmodules that enable them to meet the needs of each function. Totrack and promote the most talented Oréaliens, L’Oréal has a sharpmanagement and performance appraisal process. Managers with strongpotential who have completed several successful projects will bepromoted every two or three years. Indeed, at L’Oréal, careers can be built quicker than elsewhere,but you have to first survive several challenges. Managers can beinflexible with employees who are dissatisfied with their jobs andalso underperform, for staff satisfaction surveys at L’Oréal showthese employees often exhibit behaviors that demotivate theircolleagues. Through this presentation and several others, topmanagers aim to spread a so-called “healthy worry” among Oréaliens.They also make and break many careers. One Oréalien said that sheunderstood what humiliation really meant when she saw a colleaguepublically fired during one such meeting. And yet, to her, “L’Oréalis worth it.” Attached

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