Find an organization that provides resources and services to this cultural group…. 1 answer below »

This paper has no formatting guidelines. You can write it in essay style, or you can answer the questions using numbers or bullet points. Overall assignment should be at least 3-4 paragraphs, minimum. Just be sure to make your answers clear and distinct, and fully answer the prompt.


Pick one of the minority groups that have been discussed in Unit 2 of our text, specific cultural groups. This will entail Hispanic and Latinx populations, American Indian and Native American populations, African American populations, Asian American populations, European and Mediterranean American populations, and Nonethnic cultures. In your written assignment, answer the following questions:

  1. Find an organization that provides resources and services to this cultural group. Briefly describe the organization, what services and resources they provide, and any other information that you see pertinent. In terms of health, what programs and services do they offer that target health. Try and find an organization that is in Clark County. 1- 2 paragraphs, minimum.Cite your source.
  2. Describe cultural factors to be considered when providing health services to this population. Name at least 3. When a health provider (eg. a nurse, doctor, dentist, counselor, etc.) is working with someone from the cultural group you picked, what are some tips you would give them? Consider whether the group you chose has strong roots in complementary and/or alternative medicine, or if they are based in traditional Western practices. As an example, pages 166- 167 in our textbook offers tips to working with Hispanic populations and creating public health programs. 1 paragraph, minimum
  3. List 3 strategies to reduce or eliminate health disparities within your population. Strategies can be found in Chapter 13 of your text. The strategies are not geared toward one specific cultural group but use your critical thinking skills to apply it to the cultural group you chose. 1 paragraph, minimum


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