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Introduction Our challenge As the population is continuing to expand, electricity becomes one of the most consuming resources in the world. In addition, the demand of energy is increasing rapidly to support the human existence. Reducing electricity consumption is the essential goal that we want to achieve that keeps our environment clean. In order achieve this goal we have some challenges started by spreading the awareness through each member household. In fact, UAE is the second largest Arab hydrocarbon consumers and that reduces the resources while producing Electcity for residents where the demand of energy grew by 5.2% in 2011. CITATION UAE121 l 1033 (UAE energy demand up 5.2% in 2011, 2012) Importance of the challenge Saving energy is very important to us and our community which helps to preserve resources for our next generations as the earlier generation did. UAE residents consume 225% more than European energy consumption which contributed by 9.5 carbon footprint hectares per capital CITATION Ene13 l 1033 (Energy savers UAE) . Thus, UAE is concerning in preservation and using the renewable energy instead like Masdar city and Irena. However, there some main reasons for saving energy like reducing the Environmental impact which will prevent pollution by reducing the energy of usage. We will consume less coal or natural gas that burned to generate electricity and provide various comfort energy and lessens the carbon dioxide that impact the planet. In addition, it will maintain resources for the future generation and ensure that they will have a comfortable like as what we have today. Furthermore, saving energy contribute in reducing the carbon footprint that cause by overuse of energy. Secondly, people will save money by decreasing the amount of money they have to pay in the electricity bills. Finally, people will know the efficiency usage that maintains safety for them. Data collection Data: During the research I collected my…


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