Habits of a Critical Thinker

Review the “Habits of a Critical Thinker” on Table 1.1 of
Mayfield’s Introduction. This list can be overwhelming at first,
but know that we will refer back to this list at the end of the
quarter, and you will be surprised at how many of these habits you
will pick up during our time together. 1) First, share with us
three of these habits you already practice, with examples for each
one. 2) Then, share with us which one or two of these habits you
would like to put into practice by the end of the quarter.
It is one the table. “Habits of a Critical Thinker” is the
screenshot I sent you. Thankyou
Awareness Self-Control Skills Observes self and others in the process of perceiving, thinking, and feeling Suspends judgment when appropriate Listens and observes Restrains impulses To stereotype, to jump to premature judgments and conclusions Uses writing to improve thinking and get ideas across Reads critically To glance instead of Observes and monitors own level of concentra- tion and rela tive states of confusion or clarity observe To hurry rather than stay present to what is needed Persists in gathering and understanding information, get ting ideas across, and solving problems Methodically sepa rates facts from in ferences, opinions, and evaluations To not ask ques- tions, take too much for granted, not verify information To cover up mis- takes and avoid what can feel diffi- cult to confront Checks for evidence and valid reasoning Recognizes assumptions Views content in terms of its source’s frame of reference Stands by values To discover and express what is true To be fair, reliable, respectful, and responsible To seek truth before To be willing to To be willing to Uses words with precision and sen- sitivity to word definitions and connotations rightness admit mistakes Can prepare a persuasive argu- ment based on sound reasoning concede to a better argument To exercise courage eRecognizes fallacies of reasoning eRecognizes unfair persuasion and propaganda

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