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The purpose of this assignment is to prepare a policy brief on a current local public health problem, issue or concern. You will be required to write a brief that addresses the questions listed below. The questions listed will guide the organization of your paper, including your APA headings.  You can use tables, pictures, figures, graphs, etc in addition to text. The policy brief is not to exceed 4 pages (excluding your cover page and references). You must include at least 5 recent references (within the last 5 years). Please be sure to use titles/subtitles to organize your paper. This policy brief should be focused on a local health issue.Local in this case, refers to your individual state, county, or city.  The following link can be used to research California legislative initiatives; however, each state has their own version that are easily found via google search. California Legislation-

  1. What is the Issue? State the health issue/problem that the policy change is designed to address.
  2. What is the Background? Present the data describing the issue/problem to be addressed by the local policy change. Can include graphs, tables, figures, pictures, etc.
  3. What are the Proposed Options? Discuss possible policy options to respond to the problem including a description of what others are doing in response to the problem, what is known about the policy options from peer review literature. As well as a brief discussion of the health, fiscal, administrative, legal, social and political implications of each policy option.
  4. What is Your Recommendation? Recommendation focused on how to enact the policy option you are advocating.

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