Health & Medical

(200 words and references)

Explore the Purdue University Global Library, Journals Directory, or BioMed Central for three publication sources that are relevant to your field of area of interest. Identify the following for each:

1.     Name of the source (e.g., Journal of Nursing Management, American Medical Association, etc.)

2.     Type of source (e.g., academic journal, government agency, etc.)

3.     Submission requirements (e.g., length, focus, topic requirements, formatting requirements, deadline, etc.)

4.     Potential for submitting to this source

5.     Any other information that you feel is relevant

Explore the Purdue University Global Library for examples of systematic literature reviews.

  • Discuss how a systematic literature review differs from primary research.
  • What are the benefits of pursuing publication with a systematic literature review? 

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