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In this final assignment for the Project, include an overview of the Project, details on the Project (organizing framework), and a summary of the plans for the implementation and evaluation of the Project. Any adjustments made during the Project should be discussed with rationale. Be sure to make any changes in the Project based on your instructor’s feedback from earlier assignments.


THE TOPIC :Reducing Waste of Supplies Placed by Bedsides 


Project overview / Unit Needs assessment of need for project- 6

Organizing framework / Change Theory presented & discussed how it framed the project- 4

Summary of implementation / How project was implemented on unit, including what notification of implementation strategies used- 4

Adjustments made to original plan and rationale -3

Summary of evaluation of project / implementation / unit feedback- 4

Submission & content of AV / teaching / project materials- 4

Accurate spelling and grammar. Utilized current (within 5 years) evidenced based resources for change. Followed APA formatting in paper and project materials- 5

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