Health & Medical

  • Should minors be tried as adults? This is the topic that i chose
  • Week 11: Create your evaluative annotated bibliography using at least 5 sources and write a thesis or explain a well-defined problem/solution/call to action.
  • Week 12: write the first 3 pages of your Persuasive Essay
  • Week 13:  complete the first draft of your entire essay, and submit (including Works Cited page)
  • Week 14:  complete a self-review, create a revision agenda, revise your essay, and submit a final draft
  • Write an 8-9 page* Persuasive Essay in MLA format that either (1) effectively argues a position, or (2) effectively proposes a solution to a problem. Support your argument or proposal by using evidence, reason and, as appropriate, ethical, logical, and/or emotional appeal the entire essay at the end is supposed to be 8 pages with a work cited page
  • each week has to be separate please on different paper
  • both files are attached for week 14
  • please any questions just ask
  • THere is also an outline of how to do it attached 

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