Healthcare Marketing and Communication



Healthcare Marketing and Communication

Maria Williams

Southern New Hampshire University

Healthcare Marketing and Communication

Priority One

Target Market/Demographic: African American/ Low Income

Department/Program/Service: Insurance

Marketing technique: Social Media

Discussion: The African American community makes up the largest percentage of the Missouri population. This community also experiences the highest level of disparity in most of the social resources of the state. For instance, the poverty rate in the black community is at 30.2%, almost double the 15.8% rate of the state (MDHSS, 2018).

The selected service of focus is insurance. Insurance plays an important role in access to care. This population has the highest level of disparity in terms of accessing care. The Missouri Health Assessment results show that blacks have the lowest level of insurance. Therefore, it is important to market affordable insurance services to the members of this community.

The selected marketing technique for this population is social media. Social media is a platform for mass communication that enables easy and affordable communication with target populations (Gilligan & Lowe, 2018). The reason for choosing this marketing platform is because it allows opportunities for engagement. The mission for insurance programs is to ensure people have access to care Social media will create an opportunity to determine the factors that prevent blacks from getting insurance as a result of the engagement opportunities of social media sites.

Priority Two

Target Market/Demographic: Hispanic/Low Income

Department/Program/Service: Insurance

Marketing technique: Television advertising

Discussion: On the disparity ranking, the Hispanic community follows the black community in Missouri. This community has the second lowest level of insurance in the population. The low income earners in this demographic are the main target market because they have the lowest insurance rates.

Insurance is still the main service of focus. It is important to ensure that the Hispanic community members have access to insurance so that they can have equal access to health care in the state. The insurance service values accessibility. Therefore, this marketing campaign will be focused on emphasizing on the affordable insurance programs available in the state.

The marketing technique that was selected for this target market is television advertisements. Television ads are traditional methods of advertising involving the use of commercials in-between television programing to share marketing messages. This was an appropriate marketing channel for this community because of the television watching culture among Hispanics. It is common for Hispanics to engage in television watching as a way of spending time with family (Beniflah, Hughes, & Garcia, 2015). Since this community is likely to be watching TV, this will be an appropriate channel to advertise insurance packages.

Priority Three

Target Market/Demographic: White/affluent

Department/Program/Service: Insurance

Marketing technique: Direct Mail

Discussion: The white population is the most advantaged one in the Missouri community. This community has the lowest unemployment rates, poverty rates, and highest rates of insurance. Whites in Missouri have the lowest levels of disparity.

The insurance marketing to this community is focused on reminding insurance people to pay their premiums and advertising new services introduced in the state’s insurance programs. The few white people with no insurance will also get a chance to receive information on the available offers so that they can improve their access to care.

The selected marketing channel for the affluent whites is direct mail. This channel is most appropriate given the marketing message for this target population. The marketing is focused on reminders and updates on new products. It is easier to access the mails for the people who already have an insurance. This marketing communication will only make sure that they are consistent with their premium payments and that they can access the best deals available in the insurance market.