hi this my report for chemistry i want to be profreading and editing of the report. the method…

this is my report for chemistry i want to be proofreading and editing of the report. the method section needed to be improved as many words are repeated as well as the rest of the report . what i want is proofreading and editing of weak sentences in the report

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Introduction In 1907, during the preparation of 2-cyanobemzamide, non metallic phthalocyanine(MPc) was discovered by accident as secondary product. In 1927 the first metallic phthalocyanine was synthesized from 1,2 dibromobenzene. The name phthalocyanine was used by Linstead how was able to synthesis phthalocyanine conjugated with different metals. The Pcs structure is similar to the natural porphyrins (for example chlorophyll and hemoglobin).Since then ,Pcs is still a subject of research in different fields (1). The replacement of the four middle carbon atoms(=CH-) with nitrogen (=N-)in porphyrins bridges provide porphyrazine. The porphyrazine structure is related to phthalocyanines in which a benzene ring is attached to the pyrrole groups (Fig. 1)(2).Pcs consists of four effective isoindole units forming a two-dimensional aromatic macro cycles molecule. These are also presents delocalized cloud of 18 electron aromatic over an appropriate and alternated arrangement of nitrogen and carbon. Due to this, Pcs have been a concerning matter of trade activity, i.e., dyestuffs is used dues to its dark blue-green color in the inks and textiles(3). Nowadays, Pcs are emerged as striking blocks of molecular building because of its effective arrangement into some devices that are made by nano-technological and molecular materials. Furthermore, Pcs are used as active components in electrochromic devices, information storage systems, semi-conductor, and liquid crystal color displays(4). Hydrogels Hydrogels are polymers which could be synthesised by simple reaction between one or more monomer producing a cross-linked polymer. Hydrogels have many medical applications explored sense the last three decades. The special physical properties such as their ability to swell and retain water within it structure made them attractive for different biomedical and pharmaceutical applications . The hydrogels could be classified by many aspects, for instance the method of preperations well…


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