History and Theory of Planning

PLAN 602 – History and Theory of Planning
Spring 17
Week 13: Contemporary Era of Redefinitions (cont.)
Required Readings:
Fainstein and DeFilippis, 2016. Ch. 21 Paul Davidoff, “Advocacy and pluralism in planning,” pp. 427- 442
John Friedmann, “The new political economy of planning: The rise of civil society,” pp. 19-35 in Cities for Citizens, 1998
Sherry Arnstein, 1969. “A ladder of citizen participation.” Journal of the American Institute of Planners 35: 216-224
Discussion Questions
1. According to John Friedmann, the understanding of government planning went through dramatic changes between the 1960s and 1980s. What were these changes, or turning points as he describes them, and what were the implications of these changes for planners?
2. What is John Friedmann’s take on civil society? According to him, how do different definitions and understandings of civil society may impact planners’ work? Explain/exemplify.
3. According to Friedman, how can different understandings of household shape the debate (and policies) surrounding poverty? Explain.
4. According to Friedmann, how can definitions of citizenship shape socioeconomic rights and responsibilities? Briefly explain.
5. According to Friedmann, what is post-Euclidian planning and what posture should post-Euclidian planners take if willing to bring about social transformation?
6. According to Paul Davidoff, planning is never value neutral. Explain his argument and discuss whether you agree with him or not.
7. What is plural planning? According to Davidoff’s argument, what role public agencies and civil society (in the form of community groups) should have? Explain.
8. According to Davidoff, what is advocacy planning and what role should research and theory play in this process?
9. At the end of the chapter Paul Davidoff proposes an inclusive definition of the scope of planning. Explain his definition and how it relates to previous concepts discussed in class.
10. According to Sherry Arnstein, what is citizen participation and why is its definition so contentious?
11. Briefly explain and exemplify Arnstein’s ladder of civic participation and its eight rungs.

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