Instructions: Week 2 Ungraded Assignment
Submit term paper topic for approval. If this is not completed 10% will be deducted from the final paper.
See below for possible choices if the potential topics do not appeal to you – you may suggest an alternative related to the course for approval….
Submit topic for approval in this assignment.
Possible topics:
– International Supply Chain Management
– International Logistics Infrastructure
– Methods of Entry into Foreign Markets
– International Contracts
– International Ocean Transportation
– International Air Transportation
– International land and Multi-Modal Transportation
I also had students write papers on the following:
– RFID and Information technology
– Assessing International Markets: How Important is Infrastructure?
– Global Logistics and the Warehouse
– International Maritime Routes
– Homeland Security and Transportation and Logistics Management
– Using International Logistics for Competitive Advantage: The Fierce Competition between UPS, FedEx and DHL
I hope this helps as you continue your research,
Note: The research paper is a formal paper and the text should be formatted using APA style – double-spaced. The paper is expected to be properly prepared and professionally presented paper. That means a title page with a correct header and a running head, the core text of your research, and a reference list fully and properly set up and laid out with a minimum of six external sources of cited material. There should be 2000 to 2500 words of text/content excluding the material covered above, anything over 3000 words is too long and anything under 1250 words will be treated as non-responsive and will not graded.