I greatly need help fo my java assignment, deadline to this ison November 8, 2018. Sydney Cruise Lin

I greatly need help fo my java assignment, deadline to this ison November 8, 2018. Sydney Cruise Lines has several ships and a variety of cruiseitineraries, each involving several ports-of-call. The companywants to maintain information on the sailors who currently work oneach of its ships. It also wants to keep track of both its past andfuture cruises and of the passengers who sailed on the former andare booked on the latter. Each ship has at least one and, of course, normally many sailorson it. The unique identifier of each ship is its ship number. Othership attributes include ship name, weight, year built, andpassenger capacity. Each sailor has a unique sailor identificationnumber, as well as a name, date-of-birth, and nationality. Some ofthe sailors are in supervisory positions, supervising several othersailors. Each sailor reports to just one supervisor. A cruise isidentified by a unique cruise serial number. Other cruise descriptors include a sailing date, a return date,and a departure port (which is also the cruise’s ending point.)Clearly, a cruise involves exactly one ship and over time a shipsails on many cruises. Each cruise stops at one or usually severalports-of-call, each of which is normally host to many cruises, overtime. In addition, the company wants to maintain information aboutports that it has not as yet used in its cruises but may use in thefuture. A port is identified by its name and the country that it isin. Other information about a port includes its population, whethera passport is required for the passengers to disembark there, andits current docking fee, which is assumed to be the same for allships. A cruise typically has many passengers on it. Passengerinformation includes a unique passenger number, name, home address,nationality, date-of-birth and MoneySpentOnCruise (calculated bytotalling amount of money spent by the passenger on-board cruise).Hoping for return business, the company wants to keep track ofpassengers that may have sailed on several of its cruises (and/ormay be booked for a future cruise.) For a person to be of interestto the company, he or she must have sailed on or be booked on atleast one of the company’s cruises. The company wants to keep trackof how much money each passenger paid for (or will pay for) each oftheir cruises, as well as their satisfaction rating of the cruise,if it has been completed. Tasks Design a complete object-oriented system for cruise managementbased on the above specification. Your system must in the leastprovide the following features: 1. Create a cruise (with ships, sailors, ports) 2. Add passengers to a cruise 3. Provide reports on: a. Revenue generated from the cruise passengers by nationalityand age b. Sailors that worked on a cruise and their supervisors c. List of passengers sorted by MoneySpentOnCruise d. Cruise evaluation report by passengers. (assume eachpassenger completes a 6-10 question survey and generate/storerandom responses) Note: Use CSV files for the tables and netbeans for the IDE . . .

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