i have wrote research paper in Small and Medium Business in Saudi Arabia, my Dr. made some…

i have wrote research paper in Small and Medium Business in Saudi Arabia, my Dr. made some changes and requirments. So i need to edit the research based in his correction

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Saudi Electronic University College of Administrative and Financial Sciences MBA Program MGT 675 – Research Project Project title: “Factors impacting creating and running SMEs in Saudi Arabia?” Presented by: …………………………… ID ……………………. Supervised by: Dr. Abdelmalik Mezhouda December 2015 Acknowledgment Table of contents General Introduction Introduction Research dilemma Research objectives Research Hypotheses Research Method Research limits Part1: Theoretical framework Concepts: Small Business Entrepreneurship Entrepreneur Small Business creation Small Business development in KSA Difficulties facing entrepreneurs to launch businesses Obstacles of small Business development Research model Part2: Research Methodology Method Data Collection Data analysis Sampling Part 3: Findings Sample characteristics Factors Impacting SMEs creation decision Factors affecting SMEs continuation and success Part 4: Results’ discussion and recommendations Results discussion Recommendation Bibliography Appendixes (Do not forget to update this table and add page numbers once the project is done) List of tables List of figures Abstract General Introduction Saudi Arabia is a rapidly growing country whose economy mainly relies on oil. The Kingdom has one of the highest GNIs per capita in the world (World Bank Group, 2015). The business environment in the country has rapidly improved over the past several years. However, there is still need for more improvement in this sector as the country still lags behind its western counterparts in terms of creating a favorable business environment that can allow its citizens and even foreigners to set up different categories of businesses. The concept of favorable environment ant encompasses many aspects that include the nature of the society and the economy. Governments have been concentrating on strategies that are meant to enhance the development of small…

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