I need help with responses to classmates

We conclude our journey with a discussion of the cultural achievements made during the Renaissance (c. 1350 -1600) in southern and northern Europe. A French term meaning “rebirth,” the word renaissance pertains to the period in European history that “saw a revival of classical learning and the rise of classical humanism, a philosophic approach that placed more emphasis on the individual and the secular” (MindEdge 8.07). It was a period also known as the Age of Discovery, a time shaped by advancements in science and the discovery of new worlds. 

For your initial post this week, consider the influence of the various achievements realized in the Renaissance in the visual, literary, and performing arts. For example, what role did Europe’s overseas exploration have in the emergence of a new world order and a new set of artistic and cultural values? How did technological inventions help to introduce new genres of art to a growing audience? How did developments in science impact religion, and how did those impacts find expression in the arts? For example, what role did the Protestant Reformation play in shaping culture and art produced during the Late Renaissance (c. 1520 -1600)? Please be specific, making sure to reference particular examples of artists, theologians, and explorers.

In your two response posts to your classmates, consider carefully your peers’ initial posts. After identifying the developments each peer discusses in his or her post, discuss the connections you see between your classmates’ post and your own. What other connections do you see between how the arts changed the world of the people in the periods we have visited this term as well as the world in which we live today?