I want you to read the 2 article attached below and then write an essay to analyse the book. Make su

I want you to read the 2 article attached below and then write an essay to analyse the book. Make sure that you don't copy the articles, write them in your own words. this should be at least 500 words.

Make sure to follow thoes steps:

1. Identify and describe the following from your chosen work of literature: Character, Setting, Plot, and Theme, and explore the relationship that connects each of them.

2. Identify and explain each of the following: Problem, Response, Action and Outcome, as it relates to your chosen work of literature. Make sure that each of the four story grammars mentioned above are discussed in some detail.

            -What is the Problem in the story?

            -How do characters respond to the problem?

            -What do characters do about the problem?

            -What is the outcome?

3. Explain the significance of the work.

4. This essay should be written in Times New Roman #12 font, double spaced, left hand justified, with the page numbering in the upper right corner of each page.

Article 1:
Hawjan is a mix between fantasy, SciFi and romance. While most people get excited about legends of spirits and genies (Jinn) and pass it on as the listen to it with awe and horror (after adding their own spices to it); here comes Hawjan. The young Jinni who is in his early nineties to redefine our understanding of the Jinn world that resembles ours in so many ways, still it is a parallel dimension to ours. He shares his tale so that we can live it through a “human” perspective regardless of the differences between our two worlds.
As human populations expand Hawjan found himself surrounded by humans who had built a housing complex in the area surrounding his village forcing him, his mother and grandfather to live in one of these villas that is now haunted by humans. Hawjan’s efforts to avoid interacting with the human family had failed, finding himself madly in love with Sawsan the human, Sawsan was a medical student, gentle and brilliant, barely a quarter of his age. Hawjan was unable to let her know about his feelings until he learned how to communicate with Sawsan through the Ouija board. He found out about her brain cancer that she had hidden from everyone including her family. As Sawsan’s suffering increased and her health deteriorated her father was easy prey for a sorcerer who tricked him into believing that Sawsan’s illness was a result of the devils who had haunted their new home, an so a deadly battle between Hawjan and the devils and sorcerer who had tried extort money from Sawsan’s father. With the help of Eyad (Sawsan’s colleague) who had agreed to Hawjan possessing him so that they would both risk their lives to save Sawsan and her father.

Article 2:

Literary Analysis Essay: Hawjan.

Hawjan, one of the books that got banned in some of the Arab countries. Hawjan is a novel written by Saudi writer Ibrahim Abass, which is a mix between fantasy, Sci-Fi and romance. The writer who is a co-founding of the league of Arabic Sci-Fi’s as well as creating a mission to improve the Arabic Sci-Fi culture. Most people would be excited about legends of genies (Jinn) and spirits, and pass it on (after adding their own spices to it); here comes Hawjan. The young Jinni, who is in his early nineties, to redefine our understanding of the Jinn world, which is different from ours in many ways, but still an equal dimension of ours. Hawjan is the main character who shares his tale so that we can live through a “human” perspective regardless of the differences between the two worlds. To understand those differences, we should analyze the novel step by step, from the characters, setting, plot, to the theme of it.

Hawjan used to live with his mother and grandfather, who are a popular family in the Jinn world. The writer's choice to a character with supranational powers and knows many things about us, an intelligent creature other than humans but still outperform on humans in knowledge much more. This choice was a beautiful trick to convince the unconscious mind of the reader to believe all what this creature say, or in specific what the writer says through this creature. Sawsan is the second main character in the novel, she is a medical student, kind and brilliant, barely a quarter of Hawjan’s age. The novel was full of characters that exist in the real world, just like Sawsan in her purity and morality, Eyad Sawsan’s colleague the romantic reckless lover, and the strict carrying father. The focusing on the characters was strong and separate in an accurate way, every character has its own share of the events upon its importance, which make the characters and their actions stays in the reader's minds for a long time.

The setting takes place in the two worlds, humans world and Jinn’s world generally, and in Jeddah specifically, which is one of the oldest cities in Saudi Arabia. Connecting the characters to the actual world, which is Jeddah city, makes the reader believe that the story would actually happen in this specific society. In the novel, the writer basically wants to illustrates that the two world are parallel, Jinn live with humans everywhere, in their houses, rooms, bathrooms, and any other place you can think of.

The plot as we gathered from the description of the characters is a love story between Hawjan the Jinni, and Sawsan the human. Hawjan was unable to let her know about his feelings until he communicates with her throughout the Ouija board. After she became ill, her father was manipulating to believe that her illness was a result of the devil’s touch. So a deadly battle happened between Hawjan and the devils and sorcerer who had tried to extort money from Sawsan’s father. Turn of events occur when Sawsan recovers from cancer, and Hawjan win the fight against the devils. Finally, the story ends with unexpected ending, but yet very logical and convenient. However, the hidden meaning of this plot is every person in this life looking only at the outside, loving others become based on the outside as well.

 In conclusion, the novel described unexpected love story that have various hidden meaningful thoughts, such as showing in the plot of the story how traditions controlled and still controlling people’s minds and thoughts, without even people noticing that kind of fact or even admitting it. Ibraham Abbass did a unique work by creating a strange character (Hawjan) to present indirect criticize to the society. In various sections of the novel, we will find ourselves in a place where we have to pause to rethink about our actions and decisions that would change just because of the fact of traditions controlling instead of thinking if it was right or wrong. We can prove that from the setting when he chooses Jeddah to be the place of the story because tradition still controls people lives until today. The novel was also connected to reality throughout hinting to some cases that relate to the society, like some characters pretending to be noble and humble were in reality they are cooperate with magicians that uses religion to convince people that they want peace. Finally, the novel theme was full of love and sacrifice lessons that teaches the readers that life continues despite the difficulties. 


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