Identify a past conflict you have experienced in the past and describe the cause of the conflict… 1 answer below »

Assessment Description

Being a professional mediator requires reflecting on your past conflicts and learning from

them. Learning how we deal with conflict can make us better mediators and behave in a

more ethical and neutral manner, particularly when mediating similar disputes. For this

report, you are required to:

? Identify a past conflict you have experienced in the past and describe the cause of

the conflict and how it was manifested

? Evaluate how your conflict resolution strategies were effective/ineffective

? Explain how mediation and one other conflict management approach would have

been appropriate/inappropriate for resolving this conflict

? Identify and describe three ways in which your conflict could have been mediated to

achieve a more positive outcome

? Describe how you would mediate such a similar dispute, explaining your role in the

process and the steps you would need to take to remain neutral and follow ethical


When writing, be sure to include an introduction which provides a background, thesis and

outline. You will also need a conclusion which summarises the key points, limitations of your

argument and provide future recommendations.

When preparing please be sure to make specific references to mediation/conflict theories

and techniques and include in-text references. A reference list for those references needs to

be included at the end of your report. Please see the Academic Guide for more information

on in-text referencing and using reference lists.


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