Identify and evaluate valid statistical techniques in a given scenario to solve business problems…


This assignment aims at Understand various qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and

techniques, and other general purposes are:

1. Explain how statistical techniques can solve business problems

2. Identify and evaluate valid statistical techniques in a given scenario to solve business problems

3. Explain and justify the results of a statistical analysis in the context of critical reasoning for a business

problem solving

4. Apply statistical knowledge to summarize data graphically and statistically, either manually or via a

computer package

5. Justify and interpret statistical/analytical scenarios that best fits business solution

Assignment Structure should be as the following:

This is an applied assignment. Students have to show that they understand the principles and techniques

taught in this course. Therefore students are expected to show all the workings, and all problems must be

completed in the format taught in class, the lecture notes or prescribed text book. Any problems not done

in the prescribed format will not be marked, regardless of the ultimate correctness of the answer.

(Note: The questions and the necessary data are provided under “Assignment and Due date” in the



? Your assignment must be submitted in WORD format only!

? When answering questions, wherever required, you should copy/cut and paste the Excel output (e.g.,

plots, regression output etc.) to show your working/output.

? Submit your assignment through Safe-Assign in the course website, under the Assignments and due

dates, Assignment Final Submission before the due date.

? You are required to keep an electronic copy of your submitted assignment to re-submit, in case the

original submission is failed and/or you are asked to resubmit.

? Please check your Holmes email prior to reporting your assignment mark regularly for possible

communications due to failure in your submission.


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