Identify the appropriate and correct syntax and programming constructs for different game…

Assignment Part C: Game Prototype


For this assessment task you are expected to construct a prototype level/area as a “proof of concept” for the game

that you have designed in Assignment Part B. The prototype should function with proper game logic utilizing selfcreated

and pre-made artistic and programming assets.

Timelines and Expectations

Percentage Value of Task: 25%

Due: 11pm Sunday of Week 11

Minimum time expectation: 25 hours

Learning Outcomes Assessed

The following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment:

• K5.Identify the appropriate and correct syntax and programming constructs for different game

development requirements.

• S1. Select and apply appropriate games development approaches to solve a real world game design;

• S2. Create a range of assets for a game’s project;

• S4. Use programming constructs to respond to user input and to create object and character behaviours;

• S5. Analyse, design and implement game concepts using structured and basic object orientated

programming concepts;

• S6. Test and debug code to correctly meet game design requirements.

• A1. Operate appropriate software packages to design and build games and interactive media products

that align with client and project expectations;

• A2. Utilise appropriate software environments to develop and integrate code implementations with game


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