It’s an editing for this assignment done by tutor DavidTTs270415_105975_51 I need him to fix the…

It’s an editing for this assignment done by tutor DavidTTs270415_105975_51I need him to fix the case study based on these notes from the feedback. The due date is May 10th.

Feedback: Do a better job identifying, describing and analyzing the details of the Viriginia Tech shooting itself.

Document Preview:

Virginia shooting Alienation: the Nemesis of Organizational Life The Virginia shooting case is related with a person shooting and killing many people. This shooting reveals that the person had performed a cold blooded murder. He killed the people by locking the chain of gate so that nobody could escape. This is a case of alienation from the social life. The case shows that in organizational settings a person is aloof from social system and his individuality has forced him to engage in such heinous act. In the same way the Columbian shooting at school took place and the culprits were suffered from the isolation and bullying practices against them (Jenson, 2007). This essay illustrates the common reasons for alienation and their remedies. The controversy of this case study is that whether this social alienation is a result of temptation, over consumption, individual focus over collectivism, isolation, bullying practices and others. For this it is pertinent to understand the causes of social alienation. As this case is related to social violence, some causes are mentioned below. In many societies, the recognition and work are allotted to individual are not according to their potential and competency. Rewards and earning are not compatible with individual expectations in a social system. The discrimination in the benefits provided to peoples is another cause of social alienation. Absence in decision making, and managing the people behaviour with dominant behaviour of dominating people is also factors for social alienation. Social Organizations that do not offer proper space to their members to vent out their ill-feelings and does not offer opportunities for mistakes are prone for social alienation. When social organization benefits and success are not distributed among people and there is constant abusing of power, social alienation take place. Social alienation is frequent due to caste factor, region, language, colour and many other factors….


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