Job Descriptions and Personnel Management

Job descriptions can be an important tool in strategic planning and management. Offices also need structures to assure compliance with general standard practices. This quiz addresses those structures within an organization. If you do not have information about your selected organization, answer with regard to how organizations should accomplish these activities.

Question 1

How do job descriptions frame the work of organizations?

Does your tribe or organization use job descriptions?

How are these tied to strategic planning? (if you are not sure if your tribe or organization uses job descriptions in strategic planning, how could they do so?)

Question 2

Does your tribe or organization use job descriptions in assessment of their budgets?
 (If you are not sure how could they use them?)

Question 3

What are the processes of fair hiring and worker management within an office? How are these functions organized within your tribe or organization? Describe. If it is not clear, describe how they could be structured.

Question 4

Does your tribe or organization have a policies manual describing processes of employment and management? How are these structures and the information identified above presented to workers? (if you are not sure how should organizations address the structure and transfer of information to workers?)