Leadership discussion 8

Module 8: Discussion Forum

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Review the work you have done throughout the semester and reflect on your learning experience. Then respond to the following questions:

  • After taking this course, how have your ideas about leadership changed?
  • What sort of career are you thinking about at this point in your education and experience?
  • What is a key element of what you have learned here that might be applicable to that career?
  • How you will develop your own plan for leadership growth?

Offer feedback to at least two other classmates about processes, resources, or ideas for improving their own leadership growth plans.

Remember, we’re all in this learning community together – now is the time to make some good professional connections. CSU-Global’s LinkedIn page is a good way for you to get connected to other members of the learning community. You might even visit CSU-Global’s Alumni Association to see how you can continue to stay connected after graduation.